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E.U Episode 26 - 30 Review
Michael is thinking that Sum Jeh is an undercover because the necklace that Laughing gave her had a voice recorder so he thought she was an undercover.

Yau Yau wants Ron to get married with her but Ron refuses. They have an arguement saying Ron is using Yau Yau's feelings etc.

Before Pak Kiu found out he killed a police, he stopped being a police for a while, Kaki told him a story at night and he finally thought over it and stand back up.

Michael thought Sum Jeh is an undercover and was about to kill her. He tells her that it was him who planned everything and kill Tin Gor. She was very shocked. But Michael didn't kill her in the end.

Soon, Sum Jeh found out Michael's drug factory. Michael found out she knew too and she called him to Ai Sum House. (her restaurant where te drug factroy is)

Sum Jeh gets shot by Michael. Then Michael founds out that Sum Jeh isn't an undercover.

Michael founds out that Ron is the REAL undercover but tries to pull him to his side because before Wu Sir has told Ron to stop the misson but he wouldn't so it means he has refused to his head.

Ron pretends to go to Michael's side. He made a trap for Michael and the police came. Michael shot Ron twice and Pak Kiu appears. Michael had no bullet left and ran. Yau Yau told him to get on a taxi but he wouldn't believe anyone so he ran and got run over. But didn't die in the end either.

Yau Yau and Ah Mun (Ron) didn't end up together either.
My Comments: The ending was alright i guess. Review will be up soon. I found it a little weird how they added a scene of Laughing in the end. Proabbly to tell everyone to remember him! ^^

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