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A Great way to Care series review

Name: A Great Way To Care
Episodes: 20
Genre: Modern
Cast: Alex Fong, Kate Tsui, Raymond Wong, Vivien Yeo etc

My Comments: This series was good. every episode was quite exciting at times. Most of the cases were very interesting to watch. I don't get why TVB had to warehouse this series. Well Yeah, because of SITS. Anyway back to the series. At first when I heard about the series I thought it was about doctors but it was actually about psychiatrists. Coz to be honest, I don't really like watching doctor series. But this one was okay. Talking about Psychiatrists was actually quite interesting. Oh and watching Alex/Kate and Raymond/Vivien scenes were okay too especially Raymond/vivien ones. They were hilarous. As for Kate/Alex, they're just OKAY. I especially liked the scene where Alex confesses which i talked about before. I found Raymond's crying scene funny/weird and watching Alex tease him was funny too. Oh and I find the chemistrys of Alex-Raymond-And the glasses doctor quite funny!! They were hilarous from the beginning till end. At the beginning I didn't like that Doctor Law. Such a ... how do you say...stuck up? LOL But you get what i mean. But later, he's okay.
Overall the series was not bad, I enjoyed watching it.

Alex Fong (Ko Lap Yan) - He was okay. Sometimes boring. But I liked how he was doubting everyone's future at the last episode, that was funny. And then in the end, everyone had an okay one.

Kate Tsui (Mok Mun Yee) - Usually I don't like watching Kate that much. But she was okay here I guess. I don't dislike her as much as before haha, don't get offended, Kate fans! I actually liked Monkey's character in here. She was very active and cherrful girl. That's a nice personality.

Raymond Wong (Li Ying Chun) - He was funny. I loved his expressions, it was hilarous. Like the crying scene, when Vivien first appeared, when she was chocking etc.

Vivien Yeo (Suen Ka Pik) - I was anticipating for her appearance and her scenes from beginning till end. It was fun watching her. Maybe you can say a little breakthrough from cases when they talk about her and Raymond Wong.

Actor: Alex?
Actress: Kate
Least Favorite Character: Maybe Doctor Law?
Improved Character: Vivien? I liked her other roles more though. She seems a but different from usual. Not because she was a fat character in the beginning...
Couple: Raymond Wong and Vivien yeo
Scene: Cases and Ray-Vivien
My Rate to this series: 7.5/10

Worth Watching?
Depends on each person but I say, give it a go.

Note: This is one of my shortest reviews haha. I don't really know what to say about it. But it wasn't a bad series.

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