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A Journey Called Life - Episode 20
The End?!

Fala is feeling really bad about doing all the things to herself and Steven and Linda. She couldn't sleep at night so she ate those drugs that can go to sleep but she still couldn't sleep so she went to the beach drinking wine. If you didn't know, drinking wine after eating those drugs will make you die. She then felt really bad and called Steven. Steven then ran to the beach and saw, I guess he thought Fala was commiting suicide in the water but she wasn't really trying to suicide. Then she knew that she cannot stay longer so she said to Steven: Sorry, Take Care of Mum, sorry. Then she died.

After all that Steven was feeling so down and keeps blaming himself for everything, he keeps thinking, it was his fault that Fala died and etc. Then The next Marathon came, Linda came with him too, they were both running till Steven didn't want to run, Linda said that she really wants to run with him, so he ran off without him so that he could think about it. Then Steven suddenly sees his daughter, named Angel. She handed him a bottle of water and wiped his sweat. Then Steven hugged her and said he really missed her. Then he had a drink of water and when he looked up, Angel has already gone. I think it's only an imagation but I don't know why he's still got that bottle. Then he started to run and chased up to Linda and even over ahead.

Unforunatley, Linda got tired and fainted but not completely fainted, Steven got her up and then they both started to run again. They then finally made it to the end. They were really happy, not just because they finihsed the whole coruse, also because Steven has finally got up again. On the other hand, Raymond got really sad knowing Fala died. He wanted to kill Fala's boss. He nearly but Kent and Steven stopped him. But Kent got hurt on the head by Raymond. Later, he had to go to jail.

In the end, obivously, they usually say Linda got pregeant again! And she did, they were all happy, Steven carried Linda and besides Kent came back to live with them, even happy.

My Comments: Happy Ending? I'm happy with teh ending, but I really thought that Fala wouldn't die, it a pity for her to die at that age. By the way, A Journey Called Life review coming up...

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