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Can't Buy Me Love Episode 14 - 15

Moses is telling the king that their lives as the princess' husband is very hard and etc etc.

Charmaine gives Moses her handkerchief, they touch each other hands as seen above. Fala then coughs to bring them back to reality ^^

Raymond is practicing how to 'pretend' to see Linda coincidently but she then appears and says the things he was going to say to her which was, "What a coincidence!" Haha, Raymond's expressions are so funny. And then Linda asks him to teach her some characters and he reads the book to her.

Elaine gets beaten up by her creditor. With the name 'Sam Shui Gor" But she hasn't even finished who it was and Moses assumed it was Charmaine by the "Sam" meaning third (third princess) And then he goes to Charmaine and makes her cry.

In the next episode, Charmaine gets Fala to tie up Moses and and talks to Elaine and Elaine tells Charmaine everything, the truth that she was using Moses to get money. Moses finally finds the truth.

Sharon gets someone to kill Elaine. But she was saved by Fala but Sharon thinks that she has killed her. She blames Charmaine that she has killed Elaine. And reports to the king. Charmaine has no choice but to bring Elaine out to prove herself innocent and that Sharon is the one pulling the strings behind. The king then takes away her as the princess and makes her a normal citizen.

Moses says sorry to Charmaine for misunderstanding her.

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