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Beyond The Realm Of Conscience Characters Review
Lau Sam Ho (Charmaine Sheh)
Charmaine did well but I didn't really like her character, its quite boring. And her perfectness... should I say its too perfect or is it just right? LOL. I see articles saying Charmaine's role is as hard as Taia's to portray but it doesn't seem to be too hard to me. It's probably just the lines that they need to remember. Compared to Tavia's role, Tavia's one would be harder to portray. I liked Lam Miu Miu more, I'm sure everyone does, Charmaine should play Lam Miu Miu like roles more.

Yiu Gam Ling (Tavia Yeung)
Tavia's first villian role! She got so evil towards the end. Her eyes are like so evil... Tavia did a good job for this. It's like even though Tavia's a villian, she's more supported compared to Charmaine I believe. I heard there's a "Against Sam Ho, Support Gam Ling" group in facebook right? According to some article I read. Anyway, I'd like to see Tavia in more evil roles, though I'm more used to her in her nice roles. Her ending was funny, she thought she was Sam Ho. LOL

Lee Yi (Moses Chan)
I liked Moses's character, it was more interesting compared to the other male character, Kevin Cheng. Enjoyed watching the scenes of them acting 'dumb' For a king, he's quite smart and he's willing to give out his 'Kong San' (his kingdom) to a kid... if you haven't watched, you wont get it, just watch the last ep.

Ko Hin Yeung (Kevin Cheng)
Ah, like I said before, his character was boring. His and Charmaine scenes were boring too. Funny how the last scene of him and Charmaine peaked the highest rating. But that scene was kinda touching how Charmaine sees Kevin after a few years I believe.

Chung Suet Ha (Michelle Yim)
Well, nothing much to say about her really... It was very sad seeing Po Gong Gong die though and then she started blaming Susanna for this.

Yuen Chiu Wan (Susanna Kwan)
Nothing much to say about her either... At first I thought she and Michelle are probs villians in this series too but lol, they're not.

Mang Bo Yin (Selena Li)
I loved watching Selena scenes, especially the ones with Tavia, though their 'fighting' are very short, only a few episodes I believe. And after Selena's mother's death, she stopped the 'fighting' but Tavia seems to hate her a lot. Selena's a nice character actually but she's spoilt. Like the see Selena in a more spoilt or maybe evil character next time.

Empress Dowager Kwok (Susan Tse)
Excellent performance. Both Susan's roles in Beyond and Rosy are great. No wonder she got Best Supporting Actress.

More Beyond reviews soon.

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