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MR Episode 4-5
Moonlight Resonance - Episode 4 & 5
Credits to K-TVB for sceencaps, I couldn't get them myself so I kinda uh borrow from K-TVB, Thanks.In this episode, Tavia and Sussanna fights. Tavia cries and thinks that Lousie and her grandfather doesn't treat her as real daughter, so she decides to leave the home. She lives with her boyfriend and they eventually broke up. Later, she couldn't give back money to the ones she and her ex-boyfriend owned, she doesn't go back home for about 6 days. Everyone was worried about her. Fala knows what happened to her and Susanna Kwan found out and she told everyone.

Everyone searches for Tavia. Tavia finds in the telephone stop. She listens to her voicemails. All messeges she got were very touching! I got touched too. She then cried, she then ran out.

Everyone saw her and got caught of her. Tavia cried and said sorry to Lousie. Then in the end, Tavia went back home and Lousie wanted to speak to Sussanna and called all the children to go into the rooms, but she stopped them. Louise then shouted at Sussanna and told her she knew everything already, that the case was going to lose. Then everyone called her "Lo Po" since she always called Tavia "Lo Lou" coz she was picked up when she was small. They called Susanna "Lo Po" because she gets everything.

My Comments: Very sad but very TOUCHING!! And very funny in the end!

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