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Love Exchange Review

Name: Love Exchange

Episodes: 20

Cast: Micheal Miu, Anita Yuen, Power Chan, Crystal Tin, Tracy Yip and etc


When romance is dead, everything turns terrible and destructive.
A man and a woman are found dead inside a car. SIT CHI YIU (Anita Yuen) learns that the man is her husband, LING HO LEUNG (Eddie Kwan Lai Kit), and the woman is called FONG CHEUK LING (Angela Tong). While YIU is devastated by her husband’s death, she is also heartbroken to come to know that he had an affair. YIU LAP TIN (Michael Miu), a friend of LEUNG’s from school, shows up out of the blue and he cares a great deal about her. Later, YIU discovers that TIN, who works for a security firm, is in fact LING’s husband and that he is not a friend of LEUNG in the least.
No one brings home the bacon since LEUNG died. Fortunately, LEUNG’s boss, TSU YEUK-YUE (Power Chan), has found YIU a job at the insurance company they work at. Although her supervisor, CHING NGO-YEE (Crystal Tin), means to make things difficult for her, YIU takes it all. This makes YEE change her view on YIU and the two have become good friends. YIU wants to get over her pain and stand on her own two feet but TIN is determined to find out about the truth of LEUNG and LING’s deaths. YIU has no choice but to give him a hand. However, the deeper they dig into the case, the more mysterious they find it. YIU cannot even judge who is friend and who is foe.

My Comments: I never anticipated for this series but the first episode was actually quite interesting. Throughout the middle of this story, sometimes it egts quite boring but sometimes it can get a bit more interesting. I got more addicted to this series towards the end. The middle was just boring for me. I missed some scenes too, like the scene where Micheal helps Anita and pretends to kiss, if I knew, I would watch that scene. I like watching the scenes of them together. Though sometimes I think this series have some little little funny scenes. Like where Anita helps Power out by telling his client that he might have some disease. That was kinda funny. Though, the ending was quite okay I thought. But maybe they should of made Micheal and Anita together...


Actor: Micheal Miu

Actress: Anita Yuen

Least Favorite Character: None

Couple: Micheal and Anita

Scenes: M&A scenes

My Rate to this series: 3.5/5

Worth Watching? It's okay, if you like exciting and unexpectable things, you might like it, thats what i liked about this series, or else I think I might hate this series.

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