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A Bride For A Ride Ep 6 - 7
Warning: Contains little spoilers for those who haven't started watching ^^

Ep 6 - Gigi Wong is forcing Chin Ka Lot to get married. Sammul pretends to be Miss. Si (Macy Chan) and said to Chin Ka Lot that she gets harassed by her boyfriend and tells him when she gets married with the guy, Chin Ka Lot goes snatches her away and marry her.

In the end, it was a trap for Chin Ka Lot to marry Louisa So. After their marriage, they keep fighting at breakfast, lunch and dinner. They even fighted for 3 days and 3 nights. HAHA.

Ep 7 - The family is getting annoyed about it. Lee Kwok Lun and Gigi comes up with a plan to make them get together. They were doing all these weird expressions to send messages to each other XD

First, while Chin Ka Lot was sleeping, Lee Kwok Lun reads to him, not sure what it is but probably some stuff that makes him wants to have....... yeah... with ... Louise... And when he wakes up, he hears Louisa scream "HELP!"

A snake bit Louisa on her shoulder while she was taking a bath. (They told her to take a bath) HAHA And as you can see in the pictures, Chin Ka Lot was staring at Louisa. Then he wanted to help her suck the poison out. As he was going to, the snake appears and bits Chin Ka Lot in his mouth! XD

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