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The Gentle Crackdown II - Cute Scene
A really cute scene in episode 8

In episode 8, Steven Ma held an event for everyone to play and everything, and then he and Yumiko went up to a game where someone would make the bread pop up and you would have to use your face and your partners face to hold onto it. And Yumiko and Steven walked up to a crowd and saw them playing this kind of game and then he and Yumiko started to play the game, Yumiko said the game is really easy, so she tried but it ended up hard for them, Steven and Yumiko, kept missing the bread. And once, Steven Ma said 'Ah Mei, Go!' and then when the bread pops up, they miss it but ended up kissing each other, on the sceen shot you can see.
Isn't this a cute scene and a really good time to post it too, since it's Valentines Day and everyone, Happy Valentines Day!! I was going to post this yesterday, but yesterday it was Valentines Day, and I had to go out with my family and eat outside, so I had to go early, so didn't have time at all. And, again, if you want to see this scene, just click here but i think you have to go at least near the middle to see this scene.

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