happy 3rd anniversary
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First, I'm sorry that I haven't been posting for a little while, its because im kinda getting a bit busy now since school started. and the following banners, i made them during the holidays but just didn't post it. Enjoy~ If you wanna see them please credit ^^

01. selena li
people that go on SF should know i used this already. i don't really like this banner really... its OKAY.

02. macy chan
since im watching D.I.E Again now, I decided to make a Macy banner and plus i found these pictures from her blog, this one is really simple indeed...

03. linda chung
i really like these pictures of linda, so i decided to make a banner. it didn't really work out THAT good to me though.

04. linda chung
this one is also from the MV like the one above. this one is my favorite one out of all. even though its simple, its my favorite! ^^ i also really like the picture.

05. elaine yiu
i like this one too. i really like the picture of elaine. so i made a banner. actually i made more elaine graphics, if you wanna see, visit my other blog, Everything Elaine.

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