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D.I.E Again Series Review
Name: D.I.E Again (Detective Investigation Extention) wasn't it death investigation before?
Episodes: 25
Genre: Modern, Detective
Cast: Roger Kwok, Sonija Kwok, Derek Kwok, Nancy Wu, Macy Chan. Kitty Yuen and etc

My Comments: Yes! The KWOK family again! I anticipated this since the prequel. It wasn't too bad afterall but you have to admit the first was better, never really seen any sequels that were better than prequels. I liked the addition of Macy and the James Bond guy to the D.I.E crew. Law Sir as the head of them was also a very funny character which entertains the audience. I find Ko Sir the funniest, from the start till the end, he was always the funny character. I didn't find him annoying but funny. I liked Roger's acting here, it was great, Sonija was good too. In fact, for some reason, I didn't like Nancy in here. Her character was kinda boring, it wasn't annoying or anything but her role was just boring. I prefer Derek with Margie more. The cases were all very interesting, the first one freaked me out, how the dead person suddenly came alive or something but we all know its fake but still freaked me... some of the cases were quite obvious though, especially the one with Lily Ho.
I dun think a lot of people watched or liked this series a lot aye?! I dun see much reviews or discussions about it. And when you watch it, sometimes they talk back about what happened in the first one, you have to think harder to know what happened before...

Roger Kwok (Yue Chi Long) - I enjoyed watching Roger, he was funny at times, watching him solve cases was fun. (The first pic on this post of Roger is funny!) I'd like to see more Roger with these type of roles ^^

Sonija Kwok (Ying Ching Ching) - Sonija is okay, i didn't like her as much as Roger. Her character is quite stubborn and does stuff without thinking like in the last ep or something, she repeated the same thing that happened to her in the prequel.

Derek Kwok (Cheung Ching Yee) - He's okay i guess?! O.o Not a very interesting nor un-interesting character.. i didn't really like him and Nancy. Boring couple...

Nancy Wu (Ying Pui Pui) - Yes, as I said before, I dun like her character here... it's not Nancy, just the character. And I dislike her hairstyle, was better when she had the extentions...

Macy Chan (Lo Pak Zhi/Pat) - I enjoyed watching Macy a lot. Her character was cute, I liked watching how Ko Sir and Him Law (James Bond guy) keeps thinking Macy's father which is Law Sir is a perv XD It was funny how they found out it was her father.

Him Law (Jim Siu Bong) - Loved bits of him and Zac (Ko Sir) His long fringe is funny, wearing this big red/pink clip... lol.

Kwok Fung (Law Yau Hung) - He was also a funny character, he was most funny in the beginning, afterwards his character wasn't as funny.

Zac Kao (Ko Choi WSang) - I know this character was small but I really enjoyed watching him, he's just so funny ^^ I love his appearance, he was like, "i am ko choi sang!" and roger is like, "when i look at you, i know ur a ko choi sang, whats ur name?" and he's like, "my surname is ko and my name is choi sang" (for those who dunno what ko choi sang means, it means like a smart person or something O.o)

Actor: Roger Kwok
Actress: Sonija Kwok
Least Favorite Character: N/A
Funny Character: Zac Kao as Ko Choi Sang!
Improved Character: Macy Chan
Couple: main characters? O.o
Scene: Macy/Ko Sir/Law Sir/Him Law scenes, cases etc etc
My Rate to this series: 7/10 *******

Worth Watching?
Well, it's not too bad, you can give it a go? But if you don't have time or anything, maybe try something else...?!

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