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Can't Buy Me Love Episode 8 - 9

While Linda is asking questions to Kenneth on behalf of Fala, the people at the place gave Linda some drink and made her faint after drinking. Fala thinks Kenneth is a perv and afterwards they found it was a mistake.

It was found that Fala tries to find a husband which is not allowed and Susan Tse is questioning Charmaine and Fala. Charmaine states that she allowed Fala to find a husband. Charmaine is punished but she then gets the other princesses in trouble too since when they locked Fala up, they were practically telling the whole what she has done.

Linda made some congee that was from Tin Ping Cheun which Linda and Charmaine are from. Charmaine likes it and wants Linda to go over to the princesses house to serve her. But Moses refuses and they start an argument. Susanna suggests that Linda can be a upper class servant that is allowed to enter the princess palace as she likes and is also a upper class servant at Kam Family.

A fire occured where Elaine was, Moses saves her and Charmaine sees Moses carrying Elaine, she gets angry and slaps him. Revealed soon that it was Sharon's act.

Charmaine is very mad and had an argument with Moses and the Kam Family. She then suggests to divorce. Later it tells us that Sharon is betting her jewelry on Charmaine will divorce with Moses. In the next episode, Charmaine finds out so obviously she won't divorce.

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