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Series Review: Catch Me Now

Name: Catch Me Now
Episodes: 20
Cast: Daiman Lau, Idy Chan, Joe Ma, Fala Chen, Sharon Chan, Johnson Lee & etc
Robs the rich and gives the poor
he's more than just a thief
Fights against injustice and crime.
he's more than just a cop
A sum of drug money triggers battle of wits between Kwong Yeung (Ma Tak Chung) and Ko Chi (Lau Chung Yan), a detective and a thief. Yeung gradually discovers the true identity of Chi is a mob chief who uses the restaurant business to cover his illegal activities. Despite all efforts, Yeung lacks sufficient evidence to support allegations against Chi. Nevertheless Yeung keeps a close eye on Chi and believes in the ultimate triumph of good over evil. Yeung's devotion to his work sours his relationship with his wife Hong Mei-Lei (Chen Fala). Fortunately, Lei is given support and encouragement by her best friend Bao Yung-Yung (Chan Yuk Lin). Chi is deeply attracted to Yung's kind-hearted personality. He even risks exposing his secret identity to save her life. There is a choice between love and ideal...

My Comments: At First I thought this series would be quite boring coz it looks like one but when watching it, I found it's actually quite good! I love watching teh thief gang, their missions are so cool and interesting to watch. And on the other side, they always get chased after by Joe Ma. And it was cool watching them become friends, coz they keep chasing ech other and stuff. And I really liked watching where Daiman's Thief gang set a trap on Joe Ma. They made a prank on them! That was cool. They were really smart to watch. The villian that Evergreen Mak played was great, he improved, but I don't like his character though.

Main cast Thoughts:
Daiman Lau: Very Smart, I like his character, acts very cool too, like my other post said already, so I wont talk much about him.
Idy Chan: She's alright I guess, I didn't like her THAT much. Her voice is so sandy, it sounds like there's sand in through her throat though, but her acting was okay.
Joe Ma: He's okay, very smart too, I like how he's always standing at the right side and helps Daiman Lau sometimes and etc.
Fala Chen: Fala is okay too, didn't like her THAt much too. But better than Idy, in the beginning, I thought she was a bit annoying especially the bit where she keeps eat dinner with Evergreen Mak. But then later, she's alright.
Actor: Daiman
Actress: None
Least Fave Character: Evergreen Mak
Couple: Joe and Fala
Scene: Their Missions
My Rate to this series: ****
Worth Watching?!
Yep, If you didn't watch it, I'm telling you, you should watch it later. It's good. It may not be the best best series but it's alright.

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