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Last One Standing - Review

Name: Last One Standing
Episodes: 22
Cast: Roger Kwok, Kevin Cheng, Yoyo Mung, Elaine Yiu, Kiki Sheung, Macy Chan etc

My Comments: From the start, this series may look interesting, but I still recon its not really my type of series. Lots of people like this series but maybe I'm the exception. But I do have to admit the ending few episodes were more interesting and exciting. Everyone had different comments about the ending of Last One Standing, some said it was scary and some weird. I recon it was quite funny but also a little weird. What Roger said, its like telling us that there is going to be a sequel, but if there is, I will watch it, coz it sounds quite interesting! In the beginning, I thought Kevin did a really good job but towards the end, I thought Roger did even well or maybe they're both really good, coz they are. I really really liked watching Roger's evilness, it was so cool. Watching Kevin was quite interesting too, watching what he wants to do next but it was even more inertesting watching Roger what HE wants to do next since he's the evil one.


Roger (Ah Yin): As i said before, I loved watching Roger's evilness. How he had to pretend to be good all the time and sometimes his real evilness, and looking so real, his performance will fantasic! I think this is his breakthrough rol! Being evil! LOL He's probably played evil before but oh wells.

Kevin Cheng (Ah Hei): Kevin is also very good, but I'd prefer Roger maybe, but I know lots of people prefer Kevin. But i have to say they both did really well.

Yoyo Mung (Carmen): Yoyo's character was alright, her acting is alright too. Her character didn't reallystand out as much in this series.
Elaine Yiu (Mandy): Elaine did really well too, I liked watching Elaine more than Yoyo.
Kiki Sheung: I don't like her much, she wouldn't believe her "own" son but to chose to believe an outsider.
Macy Chan (Kelly): Oh I also liked watching Macy alot, but to be honest, from the beginning, I didn't know she was Macy. Her wig and glasses confuse me, I always thought who is she a newcomer? But near the end, I finally found out its MACY! And she looked so pretty in the end.
Actor: Roger
Actress: -
Least Favorite: -
Most Improved: Elaine or Macy
Favorite Couple: -
My rate to this series: 3.5/5
Worth Watching?
Lots of people liked this series, so I recon most people would. If you didn't watch it, you can give it a go.

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