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E.U Episode 1 Review
Ron caught someone with drugs.

Pak Kiu gets prasied

Laughing Gor is hitting someone. Pak Kiu sees and stops him.

Michael comes back out of jail from Taiwan. Tin Gor, his good "brother" comes and pick him up, he doesn't seem to like him much. Kathy is Tin Gor's wife. And soon, they return to Hong Kong because Michael wanted to find his daughter, Elanne.

Ron finds a comic book, he comes and turns it. They then talk about Joey from "On the first Beat" She had married someone else. Then, Elanne borrows the book. Ron saw Michael and wondering why he looks so much like Lee Sir (from the academy).

Laughing Gor doesn't like Michael, he rings 999 and accuses him for taking drugs. Pak Kiu comes and Ron comes because he followed Michael because of Lee Sir. When Pak Kiu and Ron saw Michael, they were shocked how Michael and Lee Sir, which is also Pak Kiu's father look like. But Lee Sir is died in "The Acadmedy."
Comments: First episode was alright, wanna watch next soon! I wonder what happened to Kate now. Since they already talked about Joey. Btw, anyone remember what happened to Kate in On the first Beat in the end? I can't remember....

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