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Can't Buy Me Love Episode 20 - 22 [KENNETH X FALA]
A 'so-called' relative of Kenneth's father is forcing Kenneth to marry her daughter. Fala helps him to pretend to be getting married soon. While they were walking on the streets, someone random asks them to draw a painting together. Fala suggests they should draw one and put it up in Kenneth's house to get that relative mad.

Kenneth helped Fala find someone to meet but before the guy even came, they saw that relative of Kenneth's and they hide under the table. Kenneth looks out to make sure if she was still there. She was gone and he turns to tell her its fine and then kisses her on the cheeks.

Kenneth then says Fala can marry him instead. Fala is shocked and spits her water out.
Soon, Kenneth finds out that he is not the real son of Ding Family and that relative is not a relative but someone that knows the secrets and is using the secret to make Kenneth marry her daughter. Kenneth didn't want his mother to be sad that he isn't his son, so he rejects Fala.

Fala pretends to be sick and sees Kenneth.

Kenneth comes to see Fala. He then tells her that he has a reason that he isn't marrying her. Fala's expression totally changed. She walks towards Linda and says, "See? I told you he has a reason!"Kenneth then tells Fala the while story.

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