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The Beauty Of Game Review
Name: The Beauty Of Game
Episodes: 20
Genre: Modern
Cast: Christine Ng, Kate Tsui, Sharon Chan, Chris Lai, Wong Cho Lam, Raymond Cho etc

My Comments:
I enjoyed watching this series, all three female characters turned evil from good. Kate totally changed her look after turning bad. Watching a series of the entertainment circle is quite interesting though I recon it was a bit too exaggerating how they made it that the artists show their dislike to another artist, I don't think any artist would do that right? Like what Christine did before, she pretend to be nice to Kate but she is actually using her to attack her and Cally/Sharon. And how Kate getting slashed in the face, I still think its a bit exggerating. Does Christine hate Kate to THAT limit that she wants her face to be ruined. Though real artists may hate each other, but wouldn't they at least ACT like their friends? The series does hold a little truth to the real entertainment circle of course.

It was interesting seeing how Kate and Sharon/Cally fight against each other but I still prefer watching when they're friends more. I'm satisfied with the ending. Wong Cho Lam was a funny character, At first I really thought they were gonna end up together haha.

It was very touching in the end where Cally and Kate's parents talk on the TV telling their daughter to come back home and where Kate saves Cally from jumping down the buliding.

Christine Ng (Keung Chin Fung) - Her acting was great, didn't really like her character that much, she thinks about herself too much, even in the end she thought Kate will get the award she wants to KILL her. Too exggerating and evil. She deserved the ending she got.

Kate Tsui (Ko Ching Man) - Kate has improved you can say. I don't dislike her that much now. I used not really like her. But I have stopped after watching Man In Charge. But I don't LIKE her, she's just okay. She was also very evil but she turned back good in the end so yea. Overall I like all the female characters, not really Christine though haha.

Sharon Chan (Tang Ho Yee/Cally) - Always wondered what her chinese name They really should of aired this before the anniversary, Sharon would of had a higher chance?! But Aimee will probs win anyway. Yes it means I think Sharon has improved, she deserved the award more than Aimee did.

Chris Lai (Chong Dik Kun/Deacon) - LOL?! TVB always use the chinese pingyin for their english names. Quite a bigger role here for Chris, enjoyed watching him, his acting is okay, still has space for improving.


Kate and Chris (Ko Ching Man & Chong Dik Kun) - I don't think Kate really likes Chris that much here. She probably does kinda like him but not as much as Cally. It does feel like she wants to take revenge so she takes Chris away from Cally. Same as Chris, he doesn't seem to love Kate that much either, you can tell in the end he chooses Cally.

Sharon and Chris (Tang Ho Yee & Chong Dik Kun) - On the other hand, I like this couple more, No idea but for some reason, I like this couple more. They love each other more. You can tell how Cally wants to get back with Chris but Chris cannot accept her actions therefore they broke up. But even though they broke up, they still love each other and finally they end up in the end. Kate and Sharon are like pushing him to the other in the end.

Actor: Chris Lai?!?! O.o
Actress: Kate Tsui
Least Favorite Character: N/A
Improved Character: Sharon Chan
Couple: Sharon Chan & Chris Lai
Scene: How they fight each other?!
Mr Rate to this series: 7.5/10 *******.5

Worth Watching?
Yeah, I guess it is. You'll get to know more how drugs harm your body. I think this series is kinda linked to the government? Trying to tell people how drugs harm you and etc. Its not a bad series, Overall quite good, give it a go.

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