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Ghost Writers Episode 10
Ghost Writer Episode 10
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Fala saves Katy, she is a daughter of an official. Katy falls in love with Fala. Fala took Steven's fan and said he is Pu Song Ling. Funny how Katy referred herself as 子 and Fala asks whether there is a 子. ^^

Fala is funny. She hears that Steven and Linda's heart is thumping fast and she asks them why! ^^

Fala drinks wine and finds that she is not allowed and since she did, her powers were weak. She had to eat a peach in order to regain her powers back. And it had to be a fresh peach just picked from a tree. Fala saw one and picked it up with Steven.

She ate it. Fala says to Steven, "Don't you think I look all refreshed after eating the peach?!"

And Steven replies, "Compared to those dead flowers, you do look refreshed."

And Fala uses her powers to make the flowers all lively again. Steven sees it and is shocked!


Fala is so funny! I love her character, she makes the series more funny~ But I also like Linda too ^^ Sad how Steven keeps avoiding Linda in this episode.

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