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Sisters Of Pearl Review
Name: Sister of Pearl/掌上明珠
Episodes: 30
Genre: Pre-modern
Cast: Jessica Hsuan, Bowie Lam, Michael Tao, Kiki Cheung, Joyce Tang, Joel Chan, Macy Chan etc

My Comments:
Everything looked boring to me, the promo clip made the series so boring. Was thinking would it be something good in the end like Fist? Well, it was alright only after all. Far away if compared to Fist. I thought Jessica was going to be very evil in this series, but I guess the first episode showing her evilness was just a mislead? She wasn't that evil after all, the real villain was Bowie Lam. He was sure evil, but I didn't really dislike him. The character I most disliked was Kiki Sheung, I seriously hated her character a lot in the beginning and especially where she made Tim Zai have to leave her mother Jessica. I mean seriously.. that's her sister... how can she DO that. But anyway, sooner, I didn't hate her that much but nor liked her. This drama is all about Bowie trying to take revenge for his father and etc. There was no humor in it at all, wouldn't some comedy make the drama a slight more interesting? I recon it was a bit TOO serious. There weren't much happy scenes either.. You can so tell when they try to make a funny scene or something, the music just starts getting cheesy or some sort. They kinda fail it...

I did enjoy watching Joel's character, his innocent character, I think it's his first innocent role probably..?! It was refreshing, so I don't find it too boring like others. I enjoyed watching him and Macy's relationship develop but they made really less screen time.
I didn't like how Kiki still liked Bowie even though she knows that he is for revenge and she even betrayed her sisters for him. She surely loved him O.O But he has no feelings for her?? I seriously didn't expect that kind of ending. I knew that Michael was PROB gonna die and yes he did.. It was quite sad, but I SO didn't expect that Bowie didn't die in the end, he survived... but he just turned crazy O.O Lol, And I thought the villain was going to die but instead Michael did.

Jessica Hsuan (Chi Pik Ha) - Yeah, like I said before, I thought she was going to be evil but she wasn't. She was smart but not all the time. I thought she was going to be very evil after Tim Zai got snatched away but she was only evil for less period of time, she went back to normal after the above pic incident.

Kiki Sheung (Chi Pik Wan) - Yeah and I hated her too. She was SO mean to Jessica, thinking that her husband and her sister are together or something, that's stupid. Hated her a lot when she wants to do something bad to Jessica and esp when Jessica's mother-in law took Tim Zai away.

Bowie Lam (Ho Chung Hing) - Didn't dislike him that the fact he's the villain, but didn't expect that he didn't die but turned crazy... I don't have much to comment really... :/ He played well...

Michael Tao (Hung Yew Sang) - I actually didn't like him that much in the beginning coz he seems like a guy that only wants money and etc. But we come to see that he isn't THAT bad, he changes through the series and starts to like Pik Ha. I liked his character actually, pity he died and lost his legs :/

Joyce Tang (So Lai Sheung) - I was wondering all the time if she will turn evil in this series later on. She didn't exactly did. I liked the beginning parts of her where she was scared and meets up with Michael in the graveyard..that was funny. You can see her character change when she changes her hairstyle and clothes. She's a mother that wants to protect her son.

Macy Chan (Chu Pik Lam) - She was a brat in the beginning, kind of annoying too. But later on, it was better. I enjoyed watching her and Joel, they were sweet but pity they had less screen time.

Joel Chan (Chow Yuk Ji) - A very honest and innocent character here.

Actor: Michael Tao
Actress: Jessica Hsuan
Least Favorite Character: Kiki?
Improved Character: -
Funny Character: -
Couple: Macy & Joel
Scenes: Not really any in particular..
My Rate to this series: 5.5/10

Worth Watching?
It's too long, I wouldn't really recommend it. But you can try if you want? I would of skipped this series if it wasn't on TVBJ.

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