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The Four - Episode 8 - 10 SK Review
Selena and Kenneth are locked in a cell.
Kenneth: Give some help, we help each other untie the ropes
Selena: I have no energy

Kenneth rolls himself near Selena.

Selena: What are you doing? Are you trying to untie the rope or take advantage of me? You…go away!

Selena uses her head to bump onto Kenneth’s. Selena then turns around the other side.

Kenneth: Up to this point, what are you think of?
Selena: Fine! Untie the rope

Kenneth starts using his teeth to untie the rope

Selena: AH! You bite me!
Kenneth: Sorry, I bite the wrong place.
Selena: Are you done? You saliva is on my hand!

And they finally unties each others ropes and get out.

They finally get out but when they try to escape, people used a big rock and blocked the exit. They also used posionous smoke to try kill them. Luckily Sammul and Ron came just in time and saved them from the top.

Raymond gets bit by a dog which has a disease. Which turns people into zombies. Selena Kenneth sneaks into the doctors house and found out the turth why the whole village has this disease and everyone is turning into zombies.

Soon, everything is solved and Raymond is back to normal. Selena thanks Kenneth.

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