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Links to Temptation Review
Name: Links to Temptation/誘情轉駁
Episodes: 20
Genre: Modern
Cast: Steven Ma, Fala Chen, Yoyo Mung, Johnson Lee, Kenny Wong, Timmy Hung etc

My Comments:
I never anticipated this series since it didn't seem to be that interesting. I actually didn't watch the first 5 episodes. I guess I know what happened a bit. The series turned out to be quite amusing to watch. I thought Yoyo's character would of been more evil, her death was quite unexpected too. I guessed it was Timmy Hung murdering but I can't believe he can do it to the person he loves so much. The series is okay, kinda interesting to watch but not the best. By the look of it, I recon it looks quite mysterious and complicated, it is a little perhaps?!

Steven Ma (Shing Wai Shun/Wilson) - We can see that Steven really loves Fala. I didn't really like how he didn't believe in Fala towards the end but then it was sweet how he said he will still love her even if she is good or evil.

Fala Chen (Hung Long Kiu/Jojo) - Didn't get to see Fala as a pole dancer, guess it was only the first 5 eps. Her character is alright, she gets used by Yoyo. For some reason, I don't feel much of her love towards Steven. Guess it wasn't enough, Steven's love to her is like... a lot...O.O

Yoyo Mung (Kwan Ho Ching/Jessie) - At first I thought Yoyo was gonna be a really evil villain but in the end she was kinda nice, just that she wanted to take revenge. She would of have a better life if she didn't take revenge. I was first wondering if she really DID like Johnson, thought she was going to use him but nup, she did like him.

Actor: Steven
Actress: Fala?! Yoyo's not bad either tho
Least Favorite Character: N/A
Funny Character: N/A
Improved Character: N/A
Couple: Fala and Steven
Scenes: None in particular.
My rate to this series: 6.5/10

Worth Watching?
Well, I did find it interesting, give it a go?!

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