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Forensic Heroes II - Episode 7
The Pen Lid

Charmaine was at a club, shotting and then Kevin and Frankie sees her. They come out together and Charmaine founds out that she lost her lid. Just when she went back to find it, Mattew Ko rang her up and told her about her horscope. She didn't care but Mattew said that the horoscope said, She will lose something then a prince would find it for her. She didn't believe it and went back to search for it.

Then just as Charmaine left, Kevin found the lid on the floor. But too bad, he couldn't give it back to her, he had to go to the toliets, so he gave it to Frankie Lam. When Charmaine came out, Frankie handed it to Charmaine without telling her that Kevin picked it up. Charmaine thanked him nicely.

My Comments: I was gonna do how Kevin and Charmaine met too, liked that scene too but couldn't be bothered...hehes. I will do more FH2 screen capstures if I like the scenes and I also might do TSCOS episode 17. Where Shirley knows her real identity.

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