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MR Episode 32
Moonlight Resonance - Episode 32

Kate does something again, Jimmy, fake Ronald's dad comes again and pretends. Moses gives him money and Kate comes over to Moses house and returns money. Kate then faints and Moses takes her to the hospital. When they arrive at hospital, Moses faintes as well because of his heart attack but the report says he's fine. Later Kate comes back and kisses Moses and they smiles. Later there's a function that Kate wants to dance in too, Tavia cancels her dance spot. Kate thinks about it the whole night. She still go dances when the dance as already started and then she goes eat with Moses and tells him. He's not worth chasing after because he cares TOO much about family.

Bosco has broke up with Clarie but Claire says "she" will be the thrid party of him and Linda. Raymond found out about it and they argued. Bosco said he will let Clarie go back to her country.

Unforunatley, Bosco changed his mind and goes to England with Claire. He text messeges Raymond and Raymond can't stand and tells Linda. Linda rushes to airport shocked. When she went there and found Bosco, they stare at each other a while and flashes back their moments and Bosco leaves.

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