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MR Episode 39
Moonlight Resonance - Episode 39

Louise gets asked in the court. The laywer on Michelle's side asks her, "If you Ha Yu asks for getting back together, will you accpet?" Louise keeps saying "There are no 'if's in the world!"

Then the laywer asks Ha Yu the same thing. "Would you agree if Lousie accpets you again?" And Ha Yu says loudly "OF CORUSE! STUPID!" to the lawyer and starts saying all these good things about Lousie.

The case finally ends. Michelle gets 80% and Ha Yu 20% of the bakery. Ha Yu isn't upset about this, he's happy Lousie accpets him, he kisses her on the cheeks, Michelle can't stand it when she sees.

Linda says she needs time but in the end, Linda brakes up with Raymond, and it seems she will get back together with Bosco but didn't say.

They open a newsreporter metting, Michelle gives money for Kate to say that Chris killed someone before. Kate finally knows what's right and wrong. She tells everyone the truth of Lee Huang Kum's death to everyone. Chris comes to hug Kate and she cries.

My Comments: YAY! Finally, Ga Mei (Kate) turns back good! ^^

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