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Forensic Heroes II - Episode 11
Revealing the 'Three Words'

Charmaine had a little party at her house with all her word mates. Then her mother's stomach started to ach. They found out it was Charmaine's step brother's restaurant's food. Then suddenly, her step mother came in and shouting at them about his son's restaurant getting closed because Charmaine's mum told people that she's aching of the food. But she actually didn't. Then everyone else was saying stuff back at her, she then said Charmaine was getting guys to help her and stuff.

Then her step mother said, she'll tell everyone the three words. Charmaine said, if she got the guts, then say it. She said it and the meaning to it was 'blacking her husband to death' dunno how to explain but just something like, when they get married, the girl gives bad luck and kills the husband. Not really 'kill' but he just dies. If you didn't know, Charmaine actaully has a past lover who died when they were getting married.

When everyone heard it, everyone was really shocked. Then Charmaine was shouting back at her about her mother's stomach aching.

My Comments: This scene was interesting. So tempting to know the three words and they finally reveal it! Everyone should watch it scene if you missed out. Can't wait to see more Charmaine and Kevin scenes.

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