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Pages Of Treasure Review
This series is actually very average but I quite liked it, I'm sure lots of people did too. When I saw the traliers, it looked very interesting, and it was kinda. But some things disappointed me, like the "Alex, Abbie and Hilary" love triangle. I thought this love triangle would be very interesting to watch, it was alright in the end, still liked it. But I was expecting something like, Vivien doing bad things to get Eric. I thought Vivien's role was a little bad always liked taking stuff away from Shirley. But she actually had a nice role, I first thought this was a triangle love, but it's actually not really one. Vivien didn't really steped into their relationship, she stepped in after they broke up. And they just started with a kiss. I was a little shocked that Eric was sending a "I miss you too" email to Vivien. I think if Vivien didn't brake up woth Eric, it'll really turn into a love triangle. But glad he chose, (actually Vivien helped him) Shirley in the end.
As for Wayne and Sonija's relationship, I looked forward to it alot too, coz I like watching couples that hated each other in the beginning, this relationship was alright, I liked the others more. The ones I watched how they aruge in the beginning and turn to couples, those were more exciting to watch, this one was only average, tvb don't seem to like making it more exciting. Maybe because tvb series are not just about love. It was funny when Sonija started thinking about Wayne is good and then suddenly she stepped on poo and got bird poo on her head coz she once sweared if she likes Wayne, that will happen and she only THOUGHT about it.
As for Lily Ho, Jason Chan and Macy, I wasn't really shocked that Macy was a les, coz I read a magazine that she was already. Anyway, this couple is alright too, if they talked more about them, probably would like them more. I think Lily is quite pretty. Found out, she is a contestent in Miss Hong Kong, only won one award.

And now about the family. I recon its quite funny how Paul Chun keeps saying that Mary Hon is the one nervous when he is the one. It was also funny how when Mary said "Your daughter won't come out to eat" and Paul says, "It's my daughter when she's bad and she's your daughter when she's good!" or was it the other way round? Can't remember. The ending was alright, after all this series more about family.
Actor: Wayne?
Actress: Shirley Yeung
Character: Shirley Yeung
Least Fav: None
Most Improved: Macy? Lily? Vivien?
Best Couple: --
Scene: --
My rate: 3.5/5
If you like watching family type series, you can give it a ago, if you like series that are more exciting kind of, you might not like it. But you can give it a go.

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