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Series Review: The Master of Tai Chi

Name: The Master of Tai Chi
Episodes: 25
Cast: Vincent Zhao, Raymond Lam, Kenneth Ma, Melissa Ng, Myolie Wu, Selena Li
Orphaned as a child, MO MA (ZHOU WENZHUO) grew up in the country and started learning Tai Chi from his mentor at a very young age. The devastating experience of being abandoned by his mother has left him twisted and full of hatred. To help remove the anger and hatred in MA's heart, his mentor finally sacrifices his own life. To express gratitude to his mentor, and to accomplish the will of his father, MA seeks to pursue the highest level of Tai Chi. He challenges TUEN HIU-SING (LAM, RAYMOND), the leader of the top-ranked Chong Lung Sect, to a contest but is defeated in the end. To beat SING has then become his only goal. For a girl named YIN CHI-KWAI (WU, MYOLIE) and the ambitious martial arts master LUI YAU-NGO (KWOK JING HUNG), MA and SING get into fights again and again.As MA is on the road to his dream, the gap between him and his soul-mate SONG CHING (NG MEI HENG, MELISSA) is growing wider and wider.
My Comments: There might be a lot of poeple liking this series, but not me at all. i don't like this, I never really enjoyed it, and I actually missed a few epiosdes or some scenes. It was too boring for me. The only interesting bits that interested me is from the start and the last few episodes. The middle of the story is so boring no offense but sometimes there can be some scenes good. I think the love relationships are really complicated, I didn't like Myolie's crush on Vincent but it was way better when she actually fell in love with Raymond. There are much better but I still think they don't match but their story is okay. For Melissa and Vincent, thats a better couple, I liked their story and the pairing up, their story is more interesting, if you ask me which couple I liked in TMOTC, I think I'd say Vincent and Melissa. And for Selena and Kenneth, they were cute together but I didn't like their story in the end, but it was okay, they shouldn't make Selena die, What's the point? Nothing really happened after she died. And I'm happy that Kenneth didn't end up with Melissa.
Main Cast Thoughts:
Vincent Zhao: He was okay I guess, First time seeing him, his acting is good, liked him with Melissa. I liked watching him doing the tai chi, it looked more real than other series when they fight, those are so fake. But this one is more natural since he really knows how to do tai chi.
Raymond Lam: First I liked him in the story but later on I started to like the other characters more. It was weird how he appears in episode 6 or was it 5?? Anyway that was weird, I kept thinking how come Raymond is still not out yet. Hahas
Kenneth Ma: I did not like his character at all, especially after him and his mother doing that to Selena, her mother was so nasty but I'm glad that after Selena's death her mother kunda changed. But she still wants Melissa back kinda. Kenneth was so not responible when he said Selena 'Au Yan' him. Yep, this is my second tim saying it.
Melissa Ng: Usually I dont like watching Melissa Ng, maybe coz she's kinda old but in Tai Chi, I liked her character and her. I think she improved too, though she was always good I guess. I enjoyed watching her as 'Song Ching'
Myolie Wu: I didn't like her chracter at all when she was kind of evil when she wanted to take revenmger but later on her character starts to change and I think she's better now. But still I don't really like watching Myolie Wu. Though I think this is a good one of her too. I didn't like her crying scenes, she looked ugly when she cries. No offense, don't get offended, though she looks better not crying I guess.
Selena Li: I think Selena's character in this one is very Smart! Usually her roles are just good girls but in this one she is so smart. I liked her pairing with Kenneth. But it was bad that she died in the end. Sigh* What's the point... hahas
Actor: Vincent Zhao
Actress: Melissa or Selena
Least Favorite Character: 'Tsu Gong' (police officer)
Couple: Vincent & Melissa (also liked Selena and Kenneth)
Scene: Where Selena helped Myolie, eg. kicking her legs high so teh monk will be scared.
My Rate to this series: ***
Worth Watching?
Well, maybe. Usually everyone's reason why they want to watch this series is all because of Raymond Lam, am I right?? Or it's because maybe its agrand production.
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