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Series Review: The Seventh Day

Name: The Seveth Day/最美麗的第七天 (Official Site)
Episodes: 20
Cast: Kevin Cheng, Niki Chow, Bosco Wong, Natalie Tong, Elaine Yiu, Charmaine Li, Selena Li etc
Different people have different attitudes to love - even those born on the same day in the same year do not necessarily share the same views. YAU CHI-WING (CHENG, KEVIN) and HUI WAI-YAN (WONG CHUNG CHAK, BOSCO) were both born on the seventh day of August, but one takes relationships seriously while the other is so money-minded and sees love as a tool to get higher up the social ladder.The tale begins on the seventh of August, when WING and YAN first encounter their own dream girl on the same island. WING works as a lifeguard on the outlying island. He gets to know pet shop assistant LING KA-YAN (CHOW LAI KI, NIKI) by chance and is soon mesmerized by her endearing personality. YAN who works at a coffee shop meets a romance comic artist called WONG CHI-KWAN (TONG SZE WING, NATALIE). Being misled into believing that the girl is from a rich family, YAN decides to chase her. He would never have thought that someone as calculating as himself would end up falling into a love trap.

My Comments: I love this series, it's very good, though Kevin and Niki was sad. In the end, they say Niki's operation was sucessful but after 5 years she died, that was quite sad, but seing Kevin so happy with his daughter I guess the ending was okay... But i rather they say Niki didn't die and recovered from the disease etc. I think Kevin and Niki's realtionship has been through quite a lot of things, breaking up, facing Niki's parents, facing the cacners that Niki gets, giving birth to the baby and etc. Don't you think so? To be honest, I first didn't really like this couple's story but when it gets to Japan, I start to like them more though I still like Bosco and Natalie more.
Bosco and Natalie are a more hapier couple so that's why I like them, another reason is that they aruge a lot which is funny. If you didn't know, I actually like watching couples that aruge more just like BN. I really liked the episode where Bosco and Natalie knew they were using each other then they were at friend's house and they were aruging like hell. I think they even standed on the tables to aruge hahahas. But then later when they break up they still aruge a little but soon, they become friends so then there weren't much anymore...I liked watching where they were at Japan, it wasn't really funny but more romantic. Btw, Jack (dog) is so cute and obident, I loved him, also like him from the last episode where Kevin picks the phone and he sayd 'Ah Yan'? Then Jack just comes up to the phone, then Niki says she wants to see Jack and she said she's missing Jack. Jack was so cute!

Main Cast Thoughts:
Kevin Cheng: He was okay, I liked when Niki was walking with Doctor Ching and Kevin Cheng saw it and he was so worried about Niki and etc. He was at home then and holding up the phone wondering if he should phone Niki or not. I didn't really like how they started Kevin and Niki's story, Niki was just following him all the time, but after when they started to date, it was better.

Niki Chow: Niki did a greatjob! Now I like Niki again, I used to like her a little and now even more, she improved heaps, her crying scences have greatly improved! I liked Niki's Character how she was always so happy about everything. She smiles all the time but not as much when she started to have cancer. I hope to see Niki from other new series, hopfully from TVB, i heard she'll filming a new series from China.

Bosco Wong: His character was okay too. i liked him with Natalie though he's better with Tavia or Myolie, but of it was Myolie having Natalie's role, I don't think its that god maybe...Don't get offened of what I said though...

Natalie Tong: Natalie improved too! She did well, I hope to see her again other series. I think her next series is called Corial Heroes or something, I'm not sure if she's supporting or what, maybe even smaller than supporting, I remember seeing other cast, Toby Leung, Patrick Tang, can't remember the rest.

Actor: Bosco Wong
Actress: Both Niki and Natalie
Least Favorite Chracter: None
Improved Chracter: Natalie Tong (Elaine and Selena too)
Couple: Bosco and Natalie
Scene: Most BN Scenes and some KN scenes
My rate to this series: ****
Worth Watching?
Yes, especially if you like watching romantic love stories or maybe triangle loves or couples aruging, you'll love this series.

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