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Beyond Banners
01. li yi and yiu gam ling
moses and tavia!! i like this banner, looks nice, cbb uploading the icon, if you want it, tell me and i'll give u the link.

02. yiu gam ling and mang bo yin
tavia and selena! i really like this picture but unforauntley, the banner isn't made very well. the text looks weird. but i like the quote.. "palace scheming.." thats the original name to this series.

03. yiu gam ling - ah yi
i really like this picture of tavia, she looks very pretty ^^ people that go on TYN should realize im using this banner now ^^

04. yiu gam ling again
this banner wasn't as good as the others. very plain in fact. i don't really like it but i think tavia looks pretty in these pictures, even though everything is simple, its still nice.

05. mang bo yin
i liked this picture so then i decided to make a banner. this one is okay...

06. mang bo yin again
i like this picture but the banner isn't very nice...

07. selena li as mang bo yin
i like this one alot of selena, she looks pretty and the banner is made quite nice ^^ people that go on SF have seen i guess?


I know.. everyone realized i didn't make any Charmaine right? Well actually I tried... but there weren't much NICE Charmaine pictures... I'll attempt to make more Beyond banners/sets ^^

and again, you may use these banners but please credit me! ;D

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