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A Bride For A Ride Funny Scenes Ep 3 - 4
Warning: Contain Little Spoilers to those who haven't watched ^^

Ep 3 - Sammul has to disguised himself as a girl in order to enter a place where only girls are allowed in. At first he didn't want to, but got convinced to by his relative played by Lee Kwok Lun. Lee Kwok Lun actually asked him to three times but he refused. His main reason to get in there is to explain to Nancy that Chin Ka Lot made him to draw this painting weirdly.

Ep 4 - He enters that place and Chin Ka Lot sees Sammul and praises him/her to be pretty. Sammul kinda eletricfies him. HAHA XD Because Chin Ka Lot ate some medicine, he snatched Sammul when he was about to dress back as a guy.

Chin Ka Lot takes Sammul to home. Luckily he got saved by Louise So. Sammul sees Nancy and then sleeps over at their house in Nancy's room. The scene was funny. Nancy saw Sammul's big foot and asks why. And I'm sure everyone has realized that sleeping servant behind Nancy, she CAN SLEEP WITHOUT FALLING! XD

The next day Sammul writes a letter to Nancy explaining that it was him the last night. Everyone in the family finds out. Sammul signs a contract with the family that after 3 years, he has to take that official test thingy. That scene above was funny.

I loved this scene, it was so funny. Even though it was just talking. Lee Kwok Lun said something like, "Every single time I tell you to disguise as a girl, you refuse and when you do, I wasn't there to see you as a girl!" He said it in a more funny way. It was hilarous!

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