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MR Episode 38
Moonlight Resonance - Episode 38 Before Lee Huang Kum died, Linda has told Raymond that he was at home but when Lee Huang Kum dies she says she wasn't there. She finally tells what excatly happened. She was at Bosco's house. Raymond gets a little mad and says they need a little time to calm down.

The court started, Michelle was saying all this stuf that was not real. And said it like it's real.

When its Ha Yu's time, he tells everyone the truth but due to clever laywers, of coruse they make it like he's lying.

Ha Yu has enough of this, he gives up, he tries to talk to Michelle and stop the whole thing. Michelle tells the news to newsreporters. When Lousie and the rest found out, they went to stop them. Louise gets mad and she says she will be a nosey woman they day. She shows photos to newsreporters about Michelle's things and also reads out the lette she gave to Ha Yu which made them brake up. Michelle decides to record Louise saying it so she can sue her but also, Ha Yu continues after Lousie finishes a paragraph or so. Telling us that the letter is real.

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