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man in charge review
Name: Man In Charge/幕後大老爺
Episodes: 20
Genre: Ancient, Comedy, Romance
Cast: Kenneth Ma, Kate Tsui, Leila Tong, Matthew Ko, etc
My Comments: This series was funny. I was also anticipating for this series too. And it wasn't bad. And yes, there were scenes that were boring but most scenes are funny and interesting to watch. What i don't like to watch the most and recon it's boring is Matthew Ko. His scenes are really boring, especially where he turns bad and everything. Ultimatley boring! As soon it talks about Kenneth, Kate or Leila, the episode gets better. Kenneth is really funny too. The way he laughs especially in that picture up there, is hilarous!
But then it was so sad how Kenneth found out Kate was a spy and then he doesn't believe her. And she died as well. I really didn't know she would die in this series, it was so unexpected until someone told me beforehand. It was so sad, nearly cried. Just because she wanted to save her husband... Why didn't they make it just Matthew die? lol.
Oh and the last episode was seriously hilarous! Ko Yee Fu! haha. But near the end, I think it was very unnecessary. I don't mean the Ko Yee Fu bit, coz that was funny.
Kenneth Ma (Chow Ping) - Kenneth was funny as I said before. I enjoyed watching him. He alwyas have these weird face
Kate Tsui (Chiu Yuk Hing / Siu Hon) - I'm not a fan of Kate and I don't excatly like her. But in this series, I find her okay. I like her role, a pity she died though. Even though she's very aggro in this series, her role is interesting to watch. She's a spy, yet she protects her husband. Sometimes when you see Kenneth and Leila together all the time, you'll feel sorry for her.
Leila Tong (Chong Siu Han) - I like Leila but I guess you have to admit, Leila's role isn't as interesting as Kate's. But I still enjoyed watching her. It was funny in the end, how she and Kenneth gets married and Kenneth was like, "How come they're all like that?" That was funny ^^
Matthew Ko (Shum Gwun Bok) - Wow.. his character was sure stubborn and irritating. He seriously annoys me sometimes. His acting was the best I say, i didn't like it that much.

Actor: Kenneth Ma
Actress: Kate? Leila?
Least Favorite Character: N/A
Improved Character: N/A
Couple: Kenneth-Kate or Leila?
Scene: Hmm...hard to chose, I guess the funny scenes?
My Rate to this seres: 7.5/10 *******
Worth Watching?
Well, its not bad, I think you can give it a go! It's funny! But you shuld skip Matthew scenes ==.

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