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Burning Flames III Series Review
Name: Burning Flames III
Episodes: 32
Genre: Modern
Cast: Wong Hei, Kevin Cheng, Bosco Wong, Myolie Wu, Aimee Chan etc

My Comments: This series was disappointing. Never anticipated for it but it was still disappointing. I think they totally stuffed up Wong Hei's character and stuff. First they made that very draggy love triangle which was so boring that I dun wanna ever watch it again. They made it like Myo is the only girl in the world for Wong Hei or something. And then they stuffed Wong Hei's character, making him so stubborn (i can't remember if he was stubborn in I and II but yeah) catching after Myo and Kev in the car then causing him to lose a leg AND his job. Doesn't worth it at all, all because of Myo. Is she THAT good for you to do that? Totally wrecked his character. Finally on the very very end, last episode, he lets go and ends up with June. On the other hand, Bosco and Aimee was more a funny couple to watch. It's like a relief when they show them instead of the draggy triangle. I find the fire scenes the most exciting to watch.
The last fire scene was actually not as interesting as others for some reason, my opinion okay. But I seriously though Wong Hei was gonna die... But luckily he didn't, if he did, they wrecked his character EVEN more.

Wong Hei (Chung Yau Sing) - I like Wong Hei when he doesn't show his stubborn side and when they talk about the love triangle.

Kevin Cheng (Cheuk Pak Yu/Rex) - Kevin's character is totally opposite to Wong Hei's. He isn't stubborn but in fact, he's more caring and way smarter.

Bosco Wong (Fong Lei On/Encore) - I like Bosco's character the most, he has a way more simple life compared to Wong Hei and Kevin's LOL. I like his bravery, talking back to his head like to Kevin once and to Pak Sir.

Myolie Wu (Ko Wai Ting) - Myolie plays a very nice girl, but TOO nice. Even though she would hurt Ah Sing but she should of just ended their relationship more harsh, she kept giving him hopes like the voice mail though she didn't do it on purpose.

Aimme Chan (Yung Siu Yee/Easy) - Aimme's role is okay. She brave too, like Bosco, nice pairing. But I don't find them matching THAT much, I meant nice pairing as in personalities.

Elaine Yiu (Cheuk Man) - I like Elaine as many people know but this role isn't much. Very normal role, not much of a breakthrough role, but she portrayed the role quite well.

Stephen Wong (Ko Ho Nam) - I didn't like him in the beginning, he was so annoying, having such a nice sister and he's not happy. But towards the middle, his character changed, way better compared to before.

Actor: Kevin?
Actress: N/A
Least Favorite Character: Pak Sir
Funny Character: N/A
Improved Character: Aimee?
Couple: N/A
Scene: fire scenes
My Rate to this series: 6/10 ******

Worth Watching?
Definitely Not.

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