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The Seveth Day - Episode 8 - Creating True Feelings
Creating True Feelings - Bosco x Natalie
I really liked this episode, it was quite funny, the 7th episode was funny too, Natalie called Bosco to buy pads for her and when he was at the shopping centre, he rang Natalie and asked what kind, she said all this thing he doesn't know like 18mm and 20mm long, he got really confused so then he asked a little girl, student: 'Little Girl, do you know which one is thin? and then the little girl stared at him so he then quickly said, : 'Oh I just came to Hong Kong, chinese really bad, Bye' That was funny...

And in episode 8, Bosco said sorry to Natalie and Natalie forgived him and she decided to make him get annoyed and break up, so she went up to their house:

Natalie: I know that, you and your friends are watching ball today, so I cam up and look what I bought to drink?

Bosco: (gets it out the plastic bag) Oh, fresh MILK? Ah, it's healthy for you...

Then, Natalie said the table and everything is messy so she started to help them clean, she was picking stuff from the table which was right in front of them, them moved and then Natalie moved again to cover them, they did it a few times, until, Natalie went up to the power and took it off. When they got it back on, the ball was already scored, and they missed it, then suddenly:

Natalie said: Oh [A Series]'s last episode, I must watch!

Bosco then said: But, we're watching ball

Natalie: No, I can't miss it or else, I won't know if [main character] would die or not and if [other main character] would find her.

Then, Bosco's friends said they just rememerbed they will meet someone in 'Rocky Bar' so they left. Bosco had to stay there with Natalie and watch that series she wanted to watch, later on, Bosco saw some rubbish and said he'll chuck them and he went to 'Rocky Bar' and the game was finished. So he couldn't watch it, he said he couldn't stand Natalie anymore, he has to break up with her but then his friends encouraged him not to.

Another Scene - Seeing Bosco's Family

Bosco was asking where Natalie wants to go and she said she wants to visit his family, so they went, but first she imagined what was going to happen, she imaged that when she goes in, his dad will say, oh, you're so skinny, you should eat more and Natalie will say, What? Eat like how fat you are now? C'mon, go check your body if you have diabetes or something like that or else, you even fit into the coffin when you die. And her next target will be Bosco's sister, she will stare at her clothes and say, did you buy thsi at 'Women's Street'? (a street very popular in HK) Bosco's sister will stare back at her and last, Bosco's Mum, she would sit down and hold her chopsticks and start to not eat, His mum would ask, Miss Wong, is the food not good? and Natalie will say, Aunty, please don't get angry when I say this, but look, Chicken has H5N1, egg has (saw dan hong) beef has (fag gau jan) pork has () and fish has (hong jer seh lok). Then their family will all stare at her and hate her and tried to kick her out and stop Natalie and Bosco together but the real thing that happened is when Natalie went to their house:

Bosco's Dad: Wow, You're skinny, you should eat more today.

Natalie: What? You want me to eat into like your size? Don't say I say you, but look, you're so fat, you should go check your body to see if you have diabetes or something like that.

Bosco's Dad: Actually you're right, compared your size to mine, I think I really have to loss some weight, they always say this to me but now you say it, I think I really have to lose some weight or else when I die, the coffin's lid won't even fit.

Natalie: (saying in her heart) He stole my words, next target, I have to do it harder this time. (stares at her shirt, starts talking)

Suki (Bosco's sister): Why are you looking at my shirt, is there something?

Natalie: Did you buy this at 'Women's Street'? No wonder you can't find a boyfriend

Suki: How did you know I got it from 'Women's Street'? So that's why I can't find a boyfriend, thanks for telling me, can we go shopping sometime? I don't want to go with my mum, it feels weird.

Natalie: Ok, find a day.

Bosco's Mum: Hey the food is ready, come and eat

Natalie: (picks up chopsticks and looks like she doesn't want to eat)

Bosco's Mum: Miss Wong, is the food not good for you?

Natalie: Aunty, Please don't get angey at me if I say this, but the chicken has H5N1, egg has (saw dan hong) beef has (fag gau jan) pork has () and fish has (hong jer seh lok). How can I eat this?

Bosco's Mum: Oh, you're right, I think we have to start to eat some more healthier food from today

And the conversation keeps going on, Bosco calls his father names, Suki tickles Bosco and all the fun goes on Bosco's Mum taking his money, it was so fun that Natalie joined the fun and forgot about everything and when she leaves, Natalie tickles Bosco and said:

Natalie: Oh, so you are ticklish. So that means, you'll be scared of your wife

Bosco: So, scred of wife would be rich, 'luo fong' (a singer) sang it

They were having so much fun that Natalie accientally holded onto Bosco's hands without noticing and then:

Bosco: (saying in heart) What? She's taking advantage of me!! (later...)

Natalie: (saying in heart) Huh? Why am I holding onto his hands? Things are happening!!! Why is my heart bumping so fast??

Bosco: Actually, if she's not crazy, she's quite cute, even if she's not rich, I may chase after her...

My Comments: These scenes were very funny, especially how Natalie said about the food, that made me laugh and the last scene I talked about was quite sweet, I liked it. Bosco and Natalie are more funny and I think the last scene I talked about might be the first romantic scene between Bosco and Natalie, the others are just funny and not much romance. I liked these scenes so I posted them, if I found other scenes I like about KN, I'll post them too.

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