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MR Episode 7
Moonlight Resonance - Episode 7

Sa comes back and she has won the case and got more than half of her husband's money. When she arrives she says "Sa Is back!" to Raymond, Fala and Tavia. Since they didn't want her back. Later, she also gave money into Lousie's bakery, so she is part of it too.

Linda becomes a doctor, Ha Yu gave her a car for her birthday and also celebrating she can be a doctor. Later, she and raymond goes to some old people hospital to give them buns. They then sing together on the stage for the elders. When they went, they were still singing inside the car, some people saw them and told Michelle about it. Michelle then told ha Yu about it.

Ha Yu went to Raymond to tell him not to chase after Linda. But Raymond said that he wasn't trying to chase after Linda. Then they start a fight about Ha Yu happy or not with the family now. Tavia had a little little fight with him earlier in the episode. But Ha Yu says " I haven't seen what a good after monther before!" to Tavia. (He is so

Sa came back, which means..she's gonna give headaches to peoples. She changes Louise's bakery name back to "家好月圓" Ha Yu found out and tries to talk to Lousie's dad first. But unforunetly, Louise's dad won't let. They then start a fight.

My Comments: Whoa..?! So many fights in this episode, Moses had a little one, so as Tavia. And Raymond and Lousie's dad had a bigger one. All with Ha! This seris isn't as happy as HOG. But still good! I like seeing Sussanna Kwan, she's so funny, especially with the peace sign "I will be back" and "I'm back" thats SO not peace, when she comes back!

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