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E.U Episode 16 - 20 Review
Ron says he's not an undercover, but Sammul doesn't believe him. Ron caught someone, he was going to take him to see Michael Miu. But Sammul said he'll take him back to police station. Ron said yes and Laughing Gor saw it, so he found out he's an undercover.

Some people hit Kathy and Kaki's mother and she is currently in an operation. The doctor said it might not be successful, they were crying but luckily in the end, she was alright. And their sister relationship was better too.

Elanne askes Ron to suggest a name, but he says something weird so Elanne asked "Lucky Prince" which is Ron too. Elanne askes Lucky Prince if "My Lucky Trip" for her book is good but Ron suggests something else and they decided the name.

Ron finds out that Laughing has been into PTS. He's a police. But Laughing doesn't say anything about it.

Ron and Sammul comes out to chat. Sammul is worried about his marriage because Kaki's mother wants them to get married. Sammul is scared because all of his most important people dies, like his parents and Fiona. And then soon, there was a bomb and Kaki handled it.

Ron is being cool to Elanne. He doesn't want to use Elanne nor want people to think he's using her to climb up. Ron tells Elanne that he's only playing on her. Elanne finds out that Ron is Lucky Prince.

Laughing Gor as an undercover is discovered by Sum Jeh. We'll see next episode to see how he reacts.
My Comments: Getting interesting here! I didn't screencap other important scenes but guess that's alright ^^

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