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Ending of Couples in The Four
[Raymond & Kate] - Mo Ching & Zi Yin
This couple was alright, I liked their scenes too. But they weren't talked about much in the beginning. Their story was overall alright. Too bad they didn't end up together. But maybe not ending up was a good idea not like the other couples.
[Kenneth & Selena] - Tie Shou & Yuk Fei
This couple is my favorite out of all. They had chemistry and they were more talked about. I loved their story, their scenes were very cute, too bad they didn't get married in the end, but their ending was the best out of all couples I recon.

[Ron & Cilla] - Lang Huet & Siu Dou
This couple is alright, but in the end was quite ridicous. Ron had a little chance to say that he likes her but then Joel appeared, then never mind, then what about this scene, above?? He got his chance to confess!! When i watched it, I was like, GO SAY IT!! Too bad, she became a nun. ==

[Sammul & Vivi] - Jou Meng & Yaw Dong
This couple had the least chemistry but was a little cute couple in the end. In the end, she went to some other place to leanr something and didn't end up together. Sad..

The Best Endings, I recon are..
1. Kenneth & Selena
2. Raymond & Kate
3. Sammul & Vivi
4. Ron & Cilla

Now, polling time! Its no use letting you guys vote for the best couple coz I know most of you would choose Raymond and Kate because of Raymond...some would pick Selena and Kenneth. So this time, just a LITTLE different, the poll.

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