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Beyond The Realm Of Conscience Ep 6

Warning: May contain spoilers

Susanna and Michelle are suspected that they committed crime. Gets threatened by Tsui Ma Ma.

Michelle gets sick.

The Four Sheung Gong knees down to the Grand Empress hoping she would get Michelle and Susanna go. Tavia's mouth nearly gets sewed up because of talking about Tsui Ma Ma and she heard it.

Luckily again, Moses saved her. Tsui Ma Ma said whoever that is talkative then that person shall be sewed, Moses said Tsui Ma Ma is most talkative, he then tries to sew her mouth.

Charmaine, Tavia and Kevin pretends to be ghost and scares Tsui Ma Ma and she admits shes the one commiting the crime not Susanna or Michelle.

Grand Empress hears everything. HAHA TSUI MA MA UR DEAD!! XD LOL

Ep 7 to come soon...

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