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The Four - Episode 17 - 18 SK Review
Kenneth saves his sister but not the right t ime, her sister has already got raped by other people. He gets really bad and tries to go find the murderer. Selena stops him.

It was Sammul's fault that Kenneth's sister got raped, Kenneth gets really mad and wants to beat him up. Selena stops him again and helps him beat him up.

He tells Selena to stop since theres no use beating him.

Selena stops.

They start suspecting Kate is a follower of "Choi Gan" They set a trap with Selena but Kate found out and they thought she wasn't in the end.

Selena cooks some medicine for Kenneth. And he thanks her.

But after he drank it, he had dreams and they start suspectng that Kenneth really killed the two, Choi Gan's son and this other guy that betrayed Selena before. And, its actually Kate's doing.

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