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The Four Episode 21 - 23 Sk Review
Kenneth doesn't know what to do, whether catch or not catch his own brother. He then decides to chase after because he doesn't want his brother to get caught by "Choi Gen"

Kate puts needles into Kenneth's brother, just like Selena's father, how he died. At the last second when his brother dies, Raymond shot stuff at him and Kenneth starts blaming Raymond for it. Selena stays by his side.

Kenneth decides not to care about anything else, he decides to all go back to wher they orginially were. He asks Selena to come. Selena says yes.

While Selena was packing stuff, she went into Kate's room to give back something and she discovers Kate's weapon, the one to kill people, as hard as Kenneth's fist. Selena and Kate fights and Selena gets hit against the wall and faints.

After days, Selena finally wakes but finds out that she is blind because she hit her head.

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