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just love ii review
name: just love ii
episodes: 25
genre: modern
cast: jessica hsuan, sunny chan, joyce tang, johnson lee, benz hui, natalie tong etc

my comments: i was anticipating for this series before i watched it. it looked like a good series. it wasn't that bad either when i started watching it. there were many funny scenes too. especially benz, he makes the series more lively and funny. the beginning till the middle was okay. but i had to say, it got a little bit boring towards the end. i didn't even mind missing scenes. i found it a bit unnecessary how they made joyce tang go all crazy thinking that jessica took everything away from her. but anyway, that's part of the story. the last episode's preview was funny, it showed joyce tang massaging sunny and he was like, "of course i know who you are, my wife!" and im like... lol. that's the best couple! one' stupid and one's crazy. lol and then i found out they were BOTH faking it. well it looked like sunny wasn't faking it, maybe coz of his good acting?! oh and also, did i mention, i liked how tvb make the ending of each episode with NG scenes. I think they should do that more, at least its not so boring waiting for the preview to come...

jessica hsuan (ko hei man) - i liked jessica's character, she is very strong, i liked seeing her play as the judge and judge the cases. i find the NG (bloopers) scenes of her funny, whenever she stuffs the scene, she makes a funny face.

sunny chan (kot kwok kwong) - well i didn't like sunny as much as jessica, but his acting was good. it was funny in a scene how he was like talking and he suddenly goes, "oh no! i forgot my lines." i liked the scene on the court where jessica and sunny was talking about their marriage coz they wanted to get divorce.

joyce tang (ho sau sau/cally) - cally is okay, i enjoyed watching her and johnson, they were funny. especially the first scene where cally is dancing on the stage and then johnson lee sees her and tries to copy the way she is dancing, that was hilarous, he kept on hitting on people.

johnson lee (kot tan wan/vincent) - i find johnson lee's character very funny, although he is always the person who wreck everything, i dont seem to dislike him. i see many people that complain about how annoying he is, i dont find him annoying, i find him funny ^^

benz hui (ho shi fu) - haha, he is defenatley funny. thats the only thing i can, he's funny.

natalie tong (kot bo yee/bowie) - i also liked watching bo yee and CK. they were a cute couple but except i really dislike CK's hair, it's... == oh and i liked the last scene how CK and OK were sending cakes over to sunny's house and both bo yee (natalie) and bo bo (casper chan) were saying the same thing to their boyfriends, "telling you to do something so simple, you can't even do it, you're useless!" and hangs up.

actor: sunny chan
actress: jessica hsuan
least favorite character: -
improved character: natalie
couple: jessica & sunny?! or selena & patrick?!
scene: the scene where jessica & sunny are on the court together trying to get divorced.
my rate to this series: 7.5/10

worth watching?
well...its hard to say, not everyone may like this series... i heard many people didn't watch this series... but i personlly dont think its that bad, i recon you can give it a try. if you think its that bad, go watch something else.

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