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Can't Buy Me Love Episode 6 - 7

Charmaine asks her princess sisters to her place to have fun. But when she suggests playing a poem game, they start making her story how Charmaine came into the palace at the age of 6 as the subject of the poem causing her to be very angry. Moses sees this and helps her. He pretends there's a mouse and start hitting the princesses. Indeed a funny scene here.

After Raymond's arm thing was found out, Susanna has been upset about it. Linda brings a herb tea into Raymond's room to encourage him to give his mother the tea. After this, Raymond and his mother is back in good terms. :)

This scene isn't important but it was funny. Moses sees Sharon and her husband on the streets. Sharon was suspecting him to be at some place hanging around. Moses interrupts and starts describing Sharon's personality. It was VERY funny but hard to say in English.

And Moses finds Elaine, the girl who once saved him under a tree.

And finally! Kenneth's appearance!!
Fala wants to find a husband and asks for Linda's help to check the guys out. There we see Kenneth as one of the guys.

I think Kenneth looks very funny here! XD Makes some funny expressions there. Anticipating seeing what will happen next! XD I know that Fala will come out the beat up Kenneth saying he's a perv.

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