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A Journey Called Life - Episode 11
More Steven and Linda Scenes...

Steven and Linda talking about english since Linda needs to know more english for her job. And then Steven suggested that Linda should go learn english, Linda then said, Steven should come with her since his english is bad too but then Steven said his english is actually good. Then he talked to Linda in english:

Steven: Good Morning, Miss Ga Ga, nice to meet you, (Chinese): Actually, I have something I really want to say to you, (english) 'You are really stupid.

Linda: What? You say I'm stupid??

Then later, Steven and Linda went buying some books, then they passed by Linda's step brother, they were then arguing and Linda got really angry, she got a weapon up and wanted to hit him. She was so angry because Hana (Elaine Yiu) died all because of him. Then Steven tried to stop Linda from hitting him.

Steven: I don't want anything to happen to you!... It won't just be me who will be worried about you, Kent Cheng, 'Gum Sea Gai''s workers, 'See Sua' (Linda's Dad) and etc.

Linda then stopped and she still wanted to scrach her step brother's car but she didn't ending up, later they went to a park and Steven got lots of ice-cream for her to pick from since he didn't know what flavour she liked. Then Linda said:

Linda: You know some tricks to chase after girls.
Steven: Well, think about it, Expect for me, my whole family are girls, sometimes I have to make them happy, especially 'Ah Sum' (Fala Chen) She is the most naughty one, everytime she's not happy, she wants me to get her ice-cream and everytime, she says I get the wrong falvour for her. So then everytime, I will get all the flavours for her to pick from.
Linda: Hey, that sounds like me.
Steven: You're a little better than her, she's really selfish, everytime there's ice-cream, she would open them all up and eat a little. The main reason to that is she doesn't want me to eat them.

Then they were playing around with the ice-cream, then they started to talk about Steven is a good brother:

Linda: 'Ah Sum' and 'Ah Yee' is very lucky having a brother like you. Hey! Why don't you be my brother?? When I was really small, I didn't have anyone loving me.

You see Steven's face? When Linda said about 'Brother' he looked all sad and everything, of you didn't know why, it's obivous that Steven likes Linda but Linda doesn't know but...when I was watching that, my parents said, maybe the reason she said that is she thinks that Steven's Mum won't accpet her...but I'm not sure...guess Linda will be quite shocked if she heard that Steven likes her...If there are more good scenes of Linda and Steven, I will get some screencaps.

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