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Legend of Demigods Review
Name: Legend of Demigods
Episodes: 22
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure
Cast: Linda Chung, Sunny Chan, Benny Chan, Halina Tam, Nancy Wu etc
My Comments: I've finished this series a while ago and now finally do my review on it. I haven't seen fantasy and adventure series in ages! And Legend is a very good series, I love it! The effects in it was very good, I thought TVB didn't have confidence on this series, it mays still be true but the effects took a while to make. I loved watching the three friends, how they overcome every situation that was in front of them. Overall this drama is really good. I kinda wanted to watch the hk version with 44 episodes but too bad they're airing 22 here. Even though theres alot of people liking this series but some don't, guess its just not their type of series, not everyone likes fantasy. Linda and Sunny's little story was cute, but too bad some of the good scenes, the Sunny is actually Stephen. Also, liked Stephen and Nancy's story, Nancy seems to shine quite alot in this series xD.
Linda Chung (Hao Choi Miu): Linda's character is extremely cute and sweet! xD Liked her the whole way through the series, she was very kind to everyone but can easily gets lied..LOL I loved her weapon! haha.. Her acting wasn't bad, even though it was like 2 yrs ago. And also I quite like her motal, very right! "Smile Always, Good Luck will come!"
Sunny Chan (An Hei): I like Sunny's character too, kinda cute too! I like his clumsiness and his dumbess! It was very cute even though he's kinda dumb in the series, somehow Sunny always gets these kinda roles. Funny eh. Also, Sunny acted really well, how he had to act in different personalites was great, he had to act his clumsiness one, when Stephen gets into him, how he turns into a bat demon and etc etc. I've realized that most characters in this series had different personalites, maybe except for Linda?
Benny Chan (Sek Gam Dong): His character was okay, but still liked him a little, he always does things that people don't like which is quite funny.
Halina Tan (Tian Jun): Halina played an very successful evil role, her evilness was well acted, after this series, we always remember her as Tian Jun, even when I and my brother watched "The Four" and saw her we were like "It's Tian Jun!" LOLS
Nancy Wu (Ga Lau Lor): I like Nancy's character, she looks really pretty in that hairstyle and clothes. She acted very cool in there with not much emotion until she got her senses back. Same as Halina, we remember her as Ga Lau Lor too.
My Favorites:
Actor: Sunny Chan
Actress: Linda Chung
Least Favorite: -
Favorite Couple: Sunny & Linda
Most Improved: Nancy Wu
My Rate: 4.5/5
Worth Watching?
I recon this is quite worth watching, its pretty good, if you haven't watched, maybe can try first few episodes to see if you like it.

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