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Ghost Writer Graphics
Some Ghost Writer graphics I made... they look average really... :/

01. the love triangle - ft. steven ma, linda chung & fala chen
lol, i dont think the scene is really that linda is leaving and steven ma wants her to stay or something haha but anyway ^^ this one is alright la.

02. deep into thoughts - ft. linda chung
i likey this one most, like the purpleish texture ^^

03. friendly linda - ft. linda chung
hehe all of them have linda in it~ :) This one is quite colourful o.o

04. fala chen and steven ma
ah, very simple. only used one texture hahaha xDD

05. linda chung & fala chen
a super long banner... was gonna use for some header but never mind that...

06. ghost writer blend - ft. linda chung
i like the flower behind but this blend is really average to me.... :/ im really bad at making these stuff...

07. ghost writer - ft. fala chen
this one is the worst == i dislike it... the background is just weird... ahh weird... the worst blend i've ever made... =.=" can't believe im even posting it...lool...

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