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A Journey Called Life - Episode 14
3 Kissing Scenes in one episode!
By looking at the screencaps, it seems like there's only two kissing scenes but if you read it, I'll tell you that, there is actually really 3 kissing scenes!

Steven is participating for the 'Marathon Leg 2' and he got 3rd place, before, Linda was there cheering for him so then he got 3rd or else he would've goten 4th instead. Then Steven's friend Stephy, was running too and she got 1st place in the girl's runnug. She was so happy, she ran to Steven and hugged him. Then teh people were asking if they were couples and did they meet when running and they kept taking photos. Linda got pushed away and she wasn't hapy, she walked away by herself. Steven then followed her.

Then they were aurging a little, Steven told Linda that he and Stephy are just like brothers and sisters and Linda said, 'You always take anyone as your sister!' Then Steven said he doesn't take Linda as a sister. Then Linda said, ' Why did you tell me now? Or do you want to tell me when I'm really old? Or even when I'm dead?' Then Steven said, ' If I told you, what if you got angry, then even brothers and sisters we can't be.'

Then Steven just kissed Linda and then they stopped a little and kissed again, that makes two kisses in one scene, another scene with kiss coming...

It was Steven's birthday and they called Linda's dad, Linda was kind of hiding in a corner waiting for Steven to come. When Linda's dad come, he asked what's going on and Halina Tam knew what happened and she pushed Linda next to Steven. Then Steven annouced that he and Linda are currently going out together. Then one of the workers from 'Gum Sai Gai' said to amke them kiss in front of them. Then they rufused kind of. Then the worker said to Linda, 'You should, because last time the moblies, Steven helped you!' Steven then was trying to explain himself and then Linda suddenly just kissed him on the cheeks.

My Comments: Three kissing scenes?? It is three, they kissed two times in one scene, the last one is just kissing on the cheeks, this counts. This episode was more romantic. I'm not sure if I would keep taking more screencaps soon, guess I would for some other episodes but definatley not episode 15, it was boring no offense, i think AJCL got a little boring after Linda and Steven falling in love.

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