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A Watchdog's Tale Review
Name: A Watchdog's Tale/老友狗狗
Episodes: 20
Genre: Modern Drama, Dog
Cast: Steven Ma, Linda Chung, Kent Cheng, Maggie Siu, Raymond Wong, Natalie Tong

My Comments:
This series wasn't too bad but wasn't as good as I expected it to be. Been anticipating it kinda disappointed me. The series is kinda 'mo lew' at times. Can't find a right english word for it... Its kinda weird how they make Lee Kwok Lun a rich guy goes to a village type place and live there. Though he wanted to find the money but i just find it really weird... why'd he kidnap his OWN sister... its just weird. And Maggie.. she's WEIRD... but funny at times. How she wipes stuff remind me of someone i know. On a person that got kidnapped angle to think, wouldn't they be so relived that they have survived without getting killed by the kidnapper? Isn't she happy about that? And there you see her going to find evidence and suspecting everyone from Cheung Sing Village. Like LuLu Sir said, she should of have gave the job of finding evidence to the police. I actually haven't watched the end where what happened to that bowling ball and etc but i have watched the end. i missed it because i had dinner out in HK that day. I will watch it on TVBJ.

Anyway back to the topic. Other than that, I guess everything else is okay. But LuLu Sir is right... why would Linda choose Steven O.o A Guy with no knowledge... while herself with great knowledge learnt... lols. But anyway, I did enjoy watching Linda and Steven, they're one of my fav couples ^^ Natalie and Raymond are funny too. I just don't get why Natalie KEEPS chasing after Raymond and he KEEPS telling her he doesn't like her but she never really 'dies in her heart' (心) as in like stop loving him... O.o

Steven Ma (Chow Yung Kung) - He's funny, I like that accent he makes, it sounds funny. Pity him when Linda broke up with him because of that Queenie popping out of no where...
Linda Chung (Lai Sin Yue) - Linda looks SO much like Wu Chun!!!!!! I'd really like to see Linda and Wu Chun work together for a movie or drama XD I think Wu Chun is older right?

Kent Cheng (LuLu Sir) - Funny how its a Kent-Steven-Linda drama again...he's okay... i really have nothing much to say...

Raymond Wong (Ho Tin Yau) - I like his character, love all his characters, this one is funny. I love how his sweat drips all the time, its so funny ^^ Even when he's getting married with Natalie! XD

Natalie Tong (Chow Ka Man/Carmen) - I like Natalie's hair! Its really nice! XD I never knew that Natalie was in this series..

Steven Ma & Linda Chung - Of course enjoyed watching them, from someone they hated to someone they loved, really like watching these sorts of love. lol. and plus its Steven-Linda. ^^

Raymond Wong & Natalie Tong - Is it just me? Raymond is seriously pairing up with so many different pretty girls! Haha! And I reccon he actually suits with them all too haha.

Actor: Steven Ma
Actress: Linda Chung
Least Favorite Character: N/A
Improved Character: -
Couple: Steven and Linda
Scene: -
My Rate to this series: 6/10 ******

Worth Watching?
Well if they're one of your favs then yes? its not TOO bad but its OKAY. this review is sure short... O.o I really dont have much to say about it...

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