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Yes Sir, Sorry Sir Review
Name: Yes Sir, Sorry Sir/點解阿Sir係阿Sir
Episodes: 30
Genre: Comedy, Modern
Cast: Moses Chan, Tavia Yeung, Linda Chung, Ron Ng

My Comments:
Have always anticipated this series since it seemed very interesting but in the end, it wasn't as good as I expected. It was just an 'alright' series I'd say. It was funny from time to time but the series slightly got more serious with the undercover business. The series focused too much on Moses' character. I was dying to see the other characters appear and it took some while. I actually don't really like the ending. I didn't like how they made it "4 years later" isn't that TOO long...?!! I didn't mind Kenneth's guest star. :) It was pretty obvious and easy to guess that Moses would most probably quit being a police and be a teacher again. But I thought they were gonna stay in "Lam Tin Gwong" But it seems not, both Miss Ho and Law didn't stay. On the other hand, I enjoyed watching the bowling competitions actually. The last episode, it was obvious they'd win, the slow motion makes you nervous xD. Obvious Linda would appear too. I didn't think Ron would find someone else, and who was it?! O.o I didn't like K4 in the beginning but they turned out okay :)
Kinda a new thing to see TVB make the main character hurt someone, like wouldn't it usually be in the end, the undercover falls in love with her... but here, he hurts her deeply (not like he wants to) but yea, the few ending episodes were really.... "mo liu" all the court stuff... I'm like...who cares.... 20 or 25 episodes is more than enough really.

Moses Chan (Law Yiu Wah) - Like I said before, they focused a bit too much on him. Moses was funny at times but yea, got serious. I felt that the end parts were very unnecessary. They should of let the series as comedy and end it funnily and not how Ron and Moses feel like they were in depression. But I did enjoy watching Moses and his boss when they have meetings and those matching shirts sometimes.

Tavia Yeung (Ho Miu Suet) - To be honest, Tavia's character was nothing much special. Very ordinary. Just a very good teacher that wants to help her students I guess.

Linda Chung (Koo Ka Lam/Carman) - Linda's character compared to Tavia's, was more interesting to watch. I liked her personality, very fresh. She had more a purpose in this series than Ron at least. I felt really sorry for her how she got so hurt, her sister got in jail and her most loved person was actually all a fake...

Ron Ng (Ching Man Lik) - What's the POINT of his role... he doesnt even appear much...are you sure he's not a guest role.. lol. If Ron was taking out of the story, it wouldn't make much difference really. It wasn't even much of a square love since his one was SO one-sided and didn't much. I kinda disliked his character when he was being SO biased about Band 1 and 3 schools.

Actor: Moses (lol, no offense but who ELSE can i choose xD)
Actress: I like Linda more
Least Favorite Character: N/A
Funny Character: Moses O.o
Improved Character: N/A
Couple: Moses and Tavia?
Scenes: Uhm..the funny ones?!
My Rate to this series: 5.5 or 6/10

Worth Watching?
Well.... if you have time, go ahead. It's not THAT bad or anything, it's alright. But there's more worth watching series out there than this one.

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