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E.U Episode 6 - 10 Review
Ron told Elanne to work at his friend's shop which sells and borrows comic/manga. They then found out she is "Little Princess" the girl from the internet. But then another girl said she's the girl that sells fake computer software.

Ron says he will help her. He takes photos with her like they're in another country or something.

Ron and Michael were talking and then it was recorded, he was accused helping the black side. He leaves his house and stays at Elanne's.

Ron helps Elanne again. They go to someone's house, that is rich and take photos like its their house.

After taking photos, Elanne sees someone getting married and she gets an idea.

Elanne and Ron pretends to kiss and take photos.

They put it up the blog.
Elanne gets sick amd doesn't want to see the doctors. Ron cooks congee for her and then he was tired and fell asleep. When Elanne woke up, he saw Ron sleeping and took pictures of him and uploaded onto her blog.

Elanne and Ron were celebrating for that Ron is not accused anymore. They got drunk. Elanne kissed Ron on the cheeks and said, "Chung Lap Mun, You are really one person that is nice to me!" After the kissing, they were a bit awkward and she left. Michael saw it too.
My Comments: How Cute! XD

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