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MR Episode 14 & 15
Moonlight Resonance - Episode 14 & 15 Fala and her boyfriend breaks up, she tells Raymond and Linda the story. Fala and Dexter started for already 3 months but once they were on a date and then they saw his mother, he quickly let go of her hand. So Fala knows that she cannot live with him forever so she decided to leave her job and break up with him.

Dexter finds Fala for teh last date and tells her that he will leave his job so Fala can continue. He left eventually and Ha Yu saw everything. Ha Yu takes a wig and glasses out and sings to make Fala happy. Later the whole family came and cheers Fala up.

Ha Yu gets into a car crash, a little one. And all his vision suddenly went weird and stuff. Later in the episode, it got cured.

Nearly the whole episode was saying that Michelle and Ha Yu decides to go around the world and leave the jobs to all their childrens. Sa loves money and keeps convincing them to go back and get the job. Sa and Louise fights.

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